V-Fitness Personal Training in Aberdeen

A selection of testimonials from clients of V-Fitness

"Over the past 6 months I have followed the personal workout plan that Verity developed for me to suit my circumstances. It has been a real pleasure to work out with Verity, who has certainly provided motivation and encouragement as well as excellent professional advice to get me to the level where I am now confident to go it alone and continue my plan unassisted...gulp. By coupling Verity's workout programme together with my strict diet plan, I feel fitter than I ever have and I have lost an amazing 41 1/2 lbs in weight. I would highly recommend Verity and thank her from the bottom of my heart for her help, advice and companionship on my runs in the cold winter mornings."

"Training with Verity has been great because she keeps me motivated and the results have been very positive. Not only have I lost weight, gained muscle tone and lost inches but I have found myself enjoying running and weight training and I was someone who thought running for a bus was too exhausting... Verity keeps the sessions interesting, stepping them up all of the time, which keeps me enthusiastic about going along. Everyone around me is amazed at the change in my confidence and outlook on life as my fitness has improved. I highly recommend Verity and V-Fitness to everyone."

"Verity has really given me the encouragement and confidence to make exercise part of my daily life. It’s still hard work but it’s no longer a chore, and the regular sense of achievement makes it all worthwhile. I have lost over a stone so far and, even better, my muscle tone has noticeably improved"

"I started training recently for a marathon and a triathalon, Verity designed a tailor made plan for me by incorporating running, swimming, cycling and weight training all in an easy to folow prgramme. I have enjoyed the programme as it changes from week to week and is realistic and manageable with my busy work schedule. Verity has also given me nutritional and dietary advice resulting i noticeable weight loss."

V-Fitness is REPS registered reg no. R0055760